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Monday & Tuesday's LIVE MUSIC LINE UP™ 3/18 & 3/19

FL/AL Gulf Coast LIVE MUSIC Showtimes.

WHO is playing WHEN and WHERE
Schedule changes throughout the day.

The Live Music Line Up contains showtimes that have been 
submitted by artists or venues, 
or a venues schedule being available online.  
If you would like your showtimes added to this schedule, please
let us know who is playing in advance if you are a venue, 
or where you are playing if you are an artist.
We would like to include all LIVE MUSIC SHOWS
from Gulf Shores to Pensacola Beach 
but need the information to do so.
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2:00 Gove Scrivenor / Main
5:30 Justin Jeansonne / Dome
6:00 Open Mic w/ Cathy Pace / Main
10:00 Stone Broke Saints / Dome
10:15 Petty & Pace / Main

Perdido Key
6:00 Hub Stacey's / Medicine Man Show
6:30 Perdido Key Sportsbar / Monday Night Replay* w. Sandy Roots Troy Martin

Pensacola / Pensacola Beach
6:00 Peg Leg Pete's / Nick Andrews
7:00 Goat Lips Chew & Brewhouse / Jerry Laberge hosting open mic*
9:00 Back Porch Bar & Grill / Jam Night

Seville Quarter
6:30 Phineas Phogg's / Jazz Pensacola & Jets
7:00 Lili Marlene's / Monday Night Blues feat. Brett Benton
8:00 End O' the Alley / Jeremy & Brian

Gulf Shores
5:00 LuLu's / Chauncy Crandall
6:00 Sunset Cork Room / Lisa Christian

2:00 T-Bone Montgomery, Mac Walter & Doug Habbena / Main
6:00 Bat / Dome
6:00 Perdido Brothers / Main
10:00 JoJo Pres / Dome
10:15 Mario Mena Duo/ Main

Innerarity Point
6:00 The Point Restaurant / Sandy Roots Songwriter Series Kick-Off

Pensacola & Pensacola Beach
5:00 LaPlayita / Hippy Jim
7:00 Bamboo Willie's / Jordan Richards

Seville Quarter
7:00 Lili Marlene's - Gino Rosario Quartette
9:00 End O' the Alley / Dad Party Duo

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