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Saturday's LIVE MUSIC LINE UP™ 1/5

WHO is playing WHEN and WHERE
Schedule changes throughout the day.

The Live Music Line Up contains showtimes
that have been submitted by artists and/or venues, 
or a venues schedule being available online.  
If you would like your showtimes added to this schedule, please
let us know who is playing in advance if you are a venue, 
or where you are playing if you are an artist.
We try to include all LIVE MUSIC SHOWS
from Gulf Shores to Pensacola Beach
and rely on artists and venues to let us know.
If a show isn't posted, we were not made aware of the show.

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Gulf Shores
5:00 LuLu's / Brandon White
6:30 Big Beach Brewery / Tobi D'Amore

Orange Beach & The Wharf
3:00 Flying Harpoon 2 / Defrosters
5:00 Fin&Fork / Rhonda Hart & Justin Sable Fobes
5:00 Playa @ Spotsman Marina / Sugarcane Jane
7:00 Flippers / Alabama Lightning
9:00 Island Time Daiquiris / JoJo Pres

1:00 Smokey Otis & Chicago Bob Otis / Dome
5:30 Lucky Doggs / Dome
6:00 Al & Cathy / Main
10:00 Red Clay Strays / Dome
10:15 Mario Mena Duo / Main

Perdido Key, Innerarity Point
6:00 Purple Parrot Tiki Bar / Raising Karma
7:00 Hub Stacey's / Famous Nameless

Pensacola & Pensacola Beach
6:00 Paradise Bar & Grill / John Hart Project
7:00 Big Top Brewing Co. / Luis Camero
7:30 Five Sisters Cafe / Spearman Brewers
7:45 Goat Lips Brew & Chew / Mike Boccia*
9:00 Sandshaker / Raised on The Radio
9:30 Whiskey Runners Saloon / Rick Monroe
9:00 Rodeo Rock / Crossfire
9:00 Chasers / Katagory 5

Seville Quarter
6:00 Denise D'Angelo / The District
8:00 Rosie O’ Grady’s Dueling Piano Show
9:00 Jeremy & Brian
9:00 Jay Williams Band
*indicates a show repeats weekly