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Saturday 10/3/15

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Fairhope, Foley & Daphne 
      3:30 Rhythm Intervention / Alabama Festival of Flavor
      6:00 Scott Morlock (Piano Bar) / Gambinos*

The Wharf
   9:00 Edward Lee / Piano / Cigar Bar*
 10:00 Zachary Diedrich Band / The Hot Spot


Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan & Dauphin Island
    1:00 Three Bean Soup / Fish River Grill #3
    5:00 Adam Holt Band / LuLu's
    6:00 John Lee Sanders / Fish River Grill #3
    7:30 Sandra Kaye w. Midnight Confessions 
           / Nolan's*

Orange Beach
    5:30 People's Friend / Cosmo's*
    6:30 Ronnie Presley / Gilbey's
    7:00 John Brust / Perdido Beach Resort*
    7:00 Scott Koehn  / Flippers
    9:00 Emily Jospeh / Perdido Beach Resort Nightreef

  11:00 Lea Anne Creswell, John Joiner & Darrel Roberts
    1:00 J. Hawkins Trio / Main
    1:00 John Pearson - German Accordian / Tent
    3:30 The Brats / Oktoberfest / Tent
    5:30 Jack Robertson Show (Big Earl) / Dome
    6:00 Sam Anderson & Cass Hunter / Main

    6:00 Tyler Mac / Tent Stage
  10:00 Whyte Caps / Dome
  10:15 Delta Coast (Taylor Craven, Dana & Darwin) / Main

Perdido Key & Innerarity Point
    6:00 Bubba n' Them Bluegrass Band / Original Point*
    6:00 Mike Eagan / PK Oyster Bar*
    9:30 Pariah / The Reef

    6:00 Al Martin (pianist) & Kathy Lyon / The Piano Bar at
           Quality Inn on Scenic Hwy.*
    9:00 Blackwater / The Stage Northside
    9:00 Cornbred / Pensacola Fish House
  10:00 Raising Karma / Tin Cow

Seville Quarter
   8:00 Duelling Piano Show / Rosie O'Grady's*
   9:00 Grand Theft Audio / Apple Annie's
   9:00 Ultra Violet / End o' the Alley
   9:00 Cat Rhodes & The Truth / Lili Marlene's

Pensacola Beach & Gulf Breeze
Click HERE for 
Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival's schedule
     9:00 Buzzcutt / Sandshaker
   10:00 Tribe Zion / Break Beach Bar


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