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Wednesday 8/19/15

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Fairhope & Daphne    
   6:00 Ryan Balthrop / Boudreaux's Cajun Grill*
   6:00 Scott Morlock (Piano Bar) / Gambino's*
   9:00 Mitch Johnston hosting open mic / Plow

Gulf Shores
   6:00 Tophat & Jackie / Fish River Grill #3
   6:00 Nigel Dickie hosting open mic / Tacky Jack's*
   6:00 Danny Grady / Happy Harbor Oyster Bay*
   6:30  Bills by the Beach / 
           Worship on the Water Replay*
   7:30 Sandra Kaye w. Midnight Confessions / Nolan's* 
   8:00 Smokey Otis & Mark LaBorde / PaPa Rocco's*
   9:00  open mic / The Cove*

The Wharf
   6:00 Mac Walter / Ginny Lane

   9:00 Rusty Tabor / Our Cigar Bar*

Orange Beach
   6:00 Scott Koehn & Lisa Zanghi / Pleasure Island Tiki Bar*
   6:00 Destiny Brown / Fiddlefish Seafood Cafe
   6:00 John Brust / Perdido Beach Resort
   6:00 J
ohn Lee Sanders 
           / Perdido Beach Resort @ Voyagers Restaurant
   6:30 Jon Cook & Larry T Wilson Flippers*

   2:00 Jeff Dayton & Neil Dover / Main
   5:30 Jarod Foster & David Harris / Dome
   6:00 Wonderful Wacky Women meet / Main

   6:00 Smokin' Elvis' / Main

Photo Cre

dit:  Maggie O'Brien Biszko      
 10:00 Kyle Wilson, Davis Nix & Josh Newcom / Main

 10:00 Dave Jordan Band / Dome  

Perdido Key & Innerarity Point
   6:00 George Sprague hosting open mic / Surf City Cabana Club* 

   6:00 The Beachbilly's +/- / Perdido Sportsbar
   6:00 John Joiner & Nick Branch / Hub Stacey's*
   9:00 Sam Glass hosting open mic / The Reef

   7:30 Dueling Pianos / Seville Quarter*
   8:00 Mike Quinn / End o' the Alley @Seville Qtr.*

Pensacola Beach
   6:00 Paul Killough / Bridge Bar
   6:00 Eddie Smith / Paradise Bar & Grill

   8:00 Dennis Gossman & Tomato / Sandshaker

   9:00 Open Mic / Paddy O'Leary's*

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