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Wednesday 7/29/15

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Fairhope & Daphne    
   6:00 Scott Morlock (Piano Bar) / Gambino's*
   9:00 Joshua Ward / Plow

Gulf Shores
   6:00 Nigel Dickie hosting open mic / Tacky Jack's*
   6:00 John Lee Sanders / Fish River Grill #3

   6:30  / Bills by the Beach / 
           Worship on the Water Replay*
   7:30 Sandra Kaye w. Midnight Confessions / Nolan's* 
   8:00 Smokey Otis & Mark LaBorde / PaPa Rocco's*
   9:00  open mic / The Cove*

The Wharf
   6:00 Lonesome Mel / Ginny Lane
   6:00 Al & Cathy / Bimini Bobs
   9:00 JJ's Revival / Our Cigar Bar*

Orange Beach
   6:00 The Budz / Cobalt

   6:00 Peoples Friend hosting open mic / Tacky Jacks
   6:00 Corey Reznor / Fiddlefish
   6:00 Scott Koehn & Lisa Zanghi / Pleasure Island Tiki Bar
   6:00 John Burst / Perdido Beach Resort
   6:30 Jon Cook & Friends Flippers*

   3:00 Neil Dover / Main
   5:30 Zachary Diedrich Band / Dome
   6:00 Smokin' Elvis' / Main

Photo Credit:  Maggie O'Brien Biszko      
 10:00 Wes Loper / Main
 10:00 Tyler Mac Band / Dome  

Perdido Key & Innerarity Point
   6:00 George Sprague hosting open mic / Surf City Cabana Club* 
   6:00 James Daniel, Frankie G & Dave Caluger
           / Perdido Sportsbar
   6:00 John Joiner & Nick Branch 
/ Hub Stacey's*

   9:00 Jay Williams hosting open mic / The Reef

   7:30 Dueling Pianos / Seville Quarter*
   8:00 Mike Quinn / End o' the Alley @Seville Qtr.*

Pensacola Beach
   8:00 Whyte Caps / Bamboo Willie's
   9:00 Open Mic / Paddy O'Leary's*

   6:00 Albert Simpson / LuLu's

* = Show repeats next week

Upcoming Musical Highlights

Somethin's gettin' Buzzy!!!
Jo Billups & Karen Harvill
The musical environmentalists known as Sassafrass have released their latest folk-rock record, Sassy Buzz. Their new record contains eight original folk songs. Heartfelt, uplifting and colorfully well-written and performed, Sassy Buzz by Sassafrass brings nature conservation in the form of folk music to listeners all over the world. Sassafrass cite as main artistic influences folk legends such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, but also the classic sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, the Beatles, the Allman Brothers, and all southern rock in general. Taking the first two as a base and stirring in certain elements of the rest of the list brings the music fan close to the style of Sassafrass, the tone of which is consistently sunny and warm, and lyrically medicinal in terms of social good. This dependable goodness has caused their Sassy Buzz to be cataloged variously as folk-rock, contemporary folk, and even children's music, each of which is apropos. Sassafrass are a duo of female singer-songwriters, Jo Billups and Karen Harvill. Asked to describe the start of their collaboration, Billups writes, We saw the need for environmental education and wanted to find a way to address issues and teach global responsibility through books and music. The message Sassafrass would like to get across is the planet is fragile and it is our job to care for everything from whales to snails! The Sassafrass repertoire includes not only several previous records, Peace Love SassafrassGreen Rock and The Line Is Drawn, but also a selection of ecologically minded books intended to educate people of all reading ages about endangered species, alternative energy sources and a wide variety of other green concerns. These books and records are available from their official website online (link provided below). Sassafrass spend much more time onstage than in the studio and boast a loving, loyal fan base. They have performed for ecological organizations and summits around the world such as the Sierra Club, the GRN, LEAN, HEART, COP-15 (Denmark), COP-16 (Mexico), the WWF in Copenhagen, multiple Greenpeace ship dockings and for innumerable regional events, youth gatherings and festivals. Sassafrass have also been featured on European television and radio stations around the globe. Their current official bio closes by saying, Pub and coffeehouse crowds also have found their beautifully performed compositions to be as rousing as love songs, which, in essence, they are. Sassafrassgreenrock dot com

August 14th 7:00pm

The Listening Room / Mobile

Nashville, TN
July 25th & July 25th


September 14th - October 26th

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