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Sunday 6/21/15

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Fairhope, Foley & Daphne
  11:30 Lonesome Mel / Old 27 Grill
  12:00 Chris Bryant & Johnny Mullen / Moe's Foley
    6:00 Roman Street / Manci's Antique Club

Gulf Shores, AL

     4:00 Patrick Quinn & Marcus deShazo / Flying Harpoon
     6:00 Damien Lamb & Dennis Gossman / Tacky Jack's 

     6:00 Wes Loper / Beach Club
     6:00 Kristen Long hosting open mic / Sassy Bass
     7:00 Rhythm Intervention / Bills By The Beach
    7:00 Corey Rezner / Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails
     7:00 Kyle & Karl / The Hangout
     8:00 Johnny Barbato / Papa Rocco's
   11:00 Perry Wall / The Hangout
The Wharf & Homeport Marina
   12:00 David Jones / Ginny Lane
     5:00 TBA / The Hot Spot
     6:00 Coconut Radio / LuLu's
     6:00 Destiny Brown / Bimini Bob's*

Orange Beach
   11:00 Jonesy Gambino / Tacky Jacks
   11:00 Justin Fobes & Derrick Jones / Cobalt*
   11:00 Jim Andrews (Jazz Brunch) 
             / Perdido Beach Resort*
     5:00 Hippy Jim / Rotolo's
     5:30 Brittany Bell / Cosmos*
     6:00 Melissa Joiner / Fiddlefish
     6:00 People's Friend / Cobalt*
     6:00 John Fowler / Cayman Grill
     6:00 Scott Koehn / Flippers

Flora-Bama Land

  12:30 The Beachbilly's / Tent
    1:00 Dave & Joe Show / Yacht Club
    2:00 Johnny Barbato Trio / Main
    5:31 Jezebel's Chill'n / Dome
    6:00 Lee Yankie Reggae / Yacht Club
    6:00 Perdido Brothers / Main
    6:00 Heritage Band / Tent
  10:00 Logan Spicer / Main
  10:00 Brian Hill Band / Dome

Perdido Key & Innerarity Point

    3:00 Smokin' Elvis' / The Reef*

Photo Credit Nancy McMeekin

    4:00 Mike Eagan / Surf City Cabana Club & Grille*
    4:00 John Joiner & Nick Branch / Hub Stacey's*

   5:00  / 360 Bistro 

    6:00 Brooks Hubbert / Tippy's Tiki Bar
    6:00 Ray Coley / Hub Stacey's*

    9:00 Nick and the Ovorols / Seville Quarter
    9:30 Worriers (Brooklyn), Caves (UK), Christina Cusack (Pensacola)
            Dull Actors (Pensacola) / Sluggo's

Pensacola Beach

  12:00 Tim Spencer / Flounders
    1:00 Destiny Reggae Band / Landshark Landing
            at Margaritaville Beach Hotel
    2:00  / The Dock
    2:00  / Hemingways 
    3:00 The Dusty Sanderson Band / Bamboo Willies
    4:00 Lektric Mullet / Sandshaker
    4:00 Alexa Burroughs / Crabs we Got 'Em
    4:00 Post Pluto / Sabine Sandbar
    5:00 Open Mic / Third Base Pub*
    6:00 Paul Killough / Redfish Bluefish

* repeats next week


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Upcoming Musical Highlights

Wednesday June 24th 7:00pm
Mobile, AL


6/24 - Wednesday 7:00
Mobile, AL

We've created a playlist of videos for your preview

Interested in more information on the artists? 
Click below
Beverly Jo Scott   Donna Hall        Shawna P  
 Cary Laine     Jo Anna Berlage    Laci Wright
 Emily Stuckey   Jackie Clowe  Hannah McFarland
Lawrence Speckler wrote:
If Chickfest sounds like a gimmick, you haven't been to one. Gimmicks don't have this kind of power.
Your next chance to figure that out for yourself is Wednesday, June 24, when Chickfest 5 will be presented at Veet's Bar & Grill, 66 S. Royal St. True to the name, and to precedent, it showcases an all-female lineup of Gulf Coast singers: Beverly Jo Scott, Donna Hall,Shawna PCary Laine, Jo Anna Berlage, Laci Wright, Emily Stuckey, Jackie Clowe and Hannah McFarland.
But a "girl power" lineup was all there was to it, it would just be a novelty – not a long-running success that has earned its longevity by repeatedly giving listeners a truly revelatory experience.
Organizer Gina Jo Previto said the idea actually first came up nine years or so ago, when she visited Scott in Belgium. And Scott – who grew up in the Mobile area, paid her dues in New Orleans, and now works as a performer, radio entertainer and TV host in Europe – has been one of the mainstays ever since.
The real highlight of past Chickfests hasn't simply been that the event showcases some of the area's best female artists: It's that it has allowed them to collaborate, to jam and find new harmonies and learn from one another. Being in the room as a listener when that happens is a privilege. The program starts with an alternating main stage-acoustic stage setup, but the various performers sit in with one another so frequently, and in so many combinations, that the separate sets tend to blend together in practice.
There's a mandatory grand finale, and this year there also will be some post-show jamming in the "cool-down room."
This year, Previto said, there's an especially promising side to the collaboration. In addition to veterans such as Scott, Hall, Shawna P and Cary Laine, the lineup also features some newcomers. So it's no exaggeration at all to say that veteran listeners will hear something new. "We're opening the door for some new stuff out there," Previto said.
Laci Wright "played here the other night and punched the crowd in the face with her voice," said Previto. "She was amazing."
"We have a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old," said Previto. "We're calling them the baby chicks."
And speaking of men, not that anybody was, the night's backing band is stacked with ringers: Eric Erdman and Brandon White on guitar, John Keuler on bass and John Milham on drums.
Chickfest 5 starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 24. Tickets are $15, available in advance at Veet's. For updates, visit the "Chickfest 5!" event page on Facebook.

6/27 - Saturday
6:00 Foxy Iguanas / Pirates Cove

June 28th, Sunday

Pensacola, FL
7:00 Big Muddy and the King Sized Boogie Men 

        / Blues on the Bay / Maritime Park 
    Photo Credit: Beth Childs

July 1st - Wednesday
Mobile, AL

September 14th - October 26th
Gulf Coast Songwriter Shootout