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Friday 6/19/15

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Fairhope, Foley, Daphne & Sillverhill
  11:00 Jacob Brock / Windmill Market
  12:00 Winston Ramble / Moe's Foley
    6:30 Melissa Joiner / Copper Kettle Tea Bar 
    6:00 Ground Level Fall / Windmill Market
    6:00 Scott Morlock (Piano Bar) / Gambinos* 
    6:30 Corey Rezner / Old 27 Grill
    7:00 People's Friends / The Office
    8:00 The A.A.R.P. Blues Jam / Main Street Cigar Bar
            Cat Rhodes and the Truth, Art Hedgepeth, 
            David Padgett, George Eberlein & Brian Williams
    9:00 The Perry Wall / Stricks Place
    9:00 The New Project / DanO's*
    9:00 Grayson Capps / Plow
  10:00 The John Law Band / The Porch in Silverhill
  10:00 Zachary Diedrich & The Bama Bayou Boys / Pour Nelsons Pub

The Wharf & Homeport Marina
   6:00 Roger Plemons / Baumhowers
   6:00 CoolRayz / LuLu's
   6:00 Raising Karma / Ginny Lane
   9:00 Edward Lee - Piano / Cigar Bar*
 10:00 The Core / Hot Spot Music & Grub

Gulf Shores & Fort Morgan
 12:00 Neil Dover / Tacky Jacks
   5:00 Johnny Barbato / Tacky Jacks (GSA)
   7:00 Marty McIntosh / Tacky Jacks (FMA)

(last show in the area for a while)

   7:00 Rhythm Intervention / Bills By The Beach 
   7:00 Jamie Bergeron / The Hangout
   7:30 Sandra Kaye w. Midnight Confessions 
           / Nolan's*
   8:00 Tommy Morse Band / Papa Rocco's*
 11:00 Foxy Iguanas / The Hangout

Orange Beach
 12:00 The Budz / Perdido Beach Resort
   5:00 Jon Cowart / Moe's BBQ
   6:00 The Perdido Brothers / Cobalt
   6:00 Joey Arata / Gilbey's
   6:00 The Budz / Tacky Jacks
   6:00 Terry Causey / Flippers*
   6:00 John Brust / Perdido Beach Resort*
   7:00 Jay Williams Band / Happy Harbor
   7:00 Mike Eagan / Cosmos*
 10:00 Grand Theft Audio / Live Bait

  1:00 Destiny Brown / Dome
  2:00 Lea Anne Creswell, John Joiner & Darrel Roberts / Main
  5:30 Jack Robertson Show (BIG EARL) / Dome
  6:00 Brian Hill & friends / Tent
  6:00 J. Hawkins & James Daniel / Main
  7:00 Wes Loper / Yacht Club
10:00 Smokin' Elvis' / Main
10:00 Jason Justice & the Hung Jury / Dome
10:30 Knee Deep / Tent

Perdido Key & Innerarity Point
    6:00 Chris McCune & Chas Baker / 360 Bistro

    6:00 Ronnie Presley / Surf City Cabana Club

    6:00 Bubba n' Them Bluegrass Band / Original Point*

    7:00 Whiskey Down / Hub Stacey's 

    8:00 Whyte Caps / Perdido Sports Bar

    9:00 Jeckel / The Reef

   5:00 Paul Killough / The Oar House

   5:30 Post Pluto / Hopjacks Pizza

   6:30 Brooks Hubbert / Beef O'Brady's
   6:00 Al Martin (pianist) & Kathy Lyon / The Piano Bar at
            Quality Inn on Scenic Hwy.*
   6:30 Raven / East Hill Yard 
   8:00 Stolen Faces (Grateful Dead Tribute Band) / Vinyl Music Hall   
   8:30 Shannon Bradbury / Chucks Blue Grass Bar*
   8:30 The Blenders / Hub Stacey's*
   9:00 Banana Republic & Black Water / Chans

 10:00 Hotel Oscar / World of Beer

Seville Quarter
   6:30 DJ Mr. Lao / Phinease Phogg's 
   8:00 Duelling Piano Show / Rosie O'Grady's
   9:00 Cornbred / Lili Marlene's
   9:00 Trunk Monkey / Apple Annie's
   9:30 A Flock of Sea Monkeys / End o' the Alley

Pensacola Beach & Gulf Breeze
   6:00 Sam Mooney / Crabs We Got 'Em
   6:00 Michael Vincent Band / Paradise Bar & Grill

   7:00 Ricky Lee Phelps & Dennis Gossman / Landshark Landing
   7:00 Adam Holt / Portifino Island Beach Resort
   9:00 Hippie Radio / The Sandshaker
   9:00 Dusty Sanderson Band / Bamboo Willie's
 10:00 John Hart Band / The Islander
 10:00 5 Finger Discount / Flounders


Ocean Springs, MS
   9:30 Mississippi River Crooks / The Julep Room

Upcoming Musical Highlights

Austin, TX - June 18th - 20th
Mickey Newbury Gathering
( / more info)

June 20th -  Saturday

Grand Opening 9:00am-1:00pm

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We are proud to announce that with the cooperation of the County Parks and Recreation Department and the support of the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce, “Coastal” and “Country” are about to meet.
Perdido Farmers Market 
Grand Opening date, June 20, 2015, from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.
Location: Baars Field 
Entrance: 13190 Gulf Beach Hwy (behind Winn Dixie)
Pensacola's newest market, located on the west side of town, Perdido Farmers Market, will open just in time for everyone to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of summer. Homemade goods, collectibles and local artists will wow us with their skill and creativity. We are encouraging food trucks to apply as well, to satisfy the immediate hunger of our tourists and locals.
The Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce has plans for a Grand Opening celebration. We will have music and festivities for the entire family. Come out and enjoy our beautiful summer days, sample great food, support local business and reconnect with your neighbors and friends.
The Market will be held every Saturday during the months of March- October 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.
For more information about becoming a vendor or to volunteer, contact Market Coordinators, Amanda Castillo or Kathleen Leidner at

Gumbo Key

Wednesday June 24th 7:00pm

Mobile, AL


Mobile, AL

We've created a playlist of videos for your preview

Interested in more information on the artists? 
Click below
Beverly Jo Scott   Donna Hall        Shawna P  
 Cary Laine     Jo Anna Berlage    Laci Wright
 Emily Stuckey   Jackie Clowe  Hannah McFarland
Lawrence Speckler wrote:
If Chickfest sounds like a gimmick, you haven't been to one. Gimmicks don't have this kind of power.
Your next chance to figure that out for yourself is Wednesday, June 24, when Chickfest 5 will be presented at Veet's Bar & Grill, 66 S. Royal St. True to the name, and to precedent, it showcases an all-female lineup of Gulf Coast singers: Beverly Jo Scott, Donna Hall,Shawna PCary Laine, Jo Anna Berlage, Laci Wright, Emily Stuckey, Jackie Clowe and Hannah McFarland.
But a "girl power" lineup was all there was to it, it would just be a novelty – not a long-running success that has earned its longevity by repeatedly giving listeners a truly revelatory experience.
Organizer Gina Jo Previto said the idea actually first came up nine years or so ago, when she visited Scott in Belgium. And Scott – who grew up in the Mobile area, paid her dues in New Orleans, and now works as a performer, radio entertainer and TV host in Europe – has been one of the mainstays ever since.
The real highlight of past Chickfests hasn't simply been that the event showcases some of the area's best female artists: It's that it has allowed them to collaborate, to jam and find new harmonies and learn from one another. Being in the room as a listener when that happens is a privilege. The program starts with an alternating main stage-acoustic stage setup, but the various performers sit in with one another so frequently, and in so many combinations, that the separate sets tend to blend together in practice.
There's a mandatory grand finale, and this year there also will be some post-show jamming in the "cool-down room."
This year, Previto said, there's an especially promising side to the collaboration. In addition to veterans such as Scott, Hall, Shawna P and Cary Laine, the lineup also features some newcomers. So it's no exaggeration at all to say that veteran listeners will hear something new. "We're opening the door for some new stuff out there," Previto said.
Laci Wright "played here the other night and punched the crowd in the face with her voice," said Previto. "She was amazing."
"We have a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old," said Previto. "We're calling them the baby chicks."
And speaking of men, not that anybody was, the night's backing band is stacked with ringers: Eric Erdman and Brandon White on guitar, John Keuler on bass and John Milham on drums.
Chickfest 5 starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 24. Tickets are $15, available in advance at Veet's. For updates, visit the "Chickfest 5!" event page on Facebook.

6/27 - Saturday
6:00 Foxy Iguanas / Pirates Cove

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