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Monday 5/4/15

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Gulf Shores
   5:00 Brent Burns / LuLu's
   6:30 Lisa Zanghi / Nolan's*
    7:00 Smokey Otis & Mark LaBorde / Papa Rocco's*

Orange Beach
   3:00 Logan Spicer & Mark LaBorde / Bubba's Seafood*
   5:00 Jon Cook & Gove Scrivenor / Flippers
Photo Credit/Jon Cook:  Shelley Patterson    Photo Credit/Gove Scrivenor:  Michelle Carroll Stancil
   5:30 Steve Wilkerson / Cosmos*
   6:00 Peoples Friend hosting open mic / Ginny Lane

    3:00 Marty McIntosh / Main 
    5:30 Wes Loper / Dome 
    6:00 Cathy Pace hosting open mic / Main  
  10:00 Jay Williams Band / Dome
  10:00 Smokin' Elvis' / Main

   7:00 Forrest Higgins / Lili Marlene's
   8:00 Adam Karch / Lili Marlene's  

Pensacola Beach
   6:00 John Hart Blues Jam / Paradise Bar & Grill

Tuesday 10:00

* = Show repeats next week

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Today's podcast is with Zachary Diedrich

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