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2/24/14 Monday, LIVE MUSIC LINE-UP

  8:00 Monday Night Blue's Seville Quarter
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  3:00 Cowboy Johnson
  6:00 Cathy Pace (Open Mic)

Orange Beach
  6:00-9:00 Lee Yankie / Cosmos

Gulf Shores
  4:00-6:00 Danny Grady / Papa Rocco's
  5:00 Brent Burns / LuLu's
  6:00 Ron & Scott's Music for Snowbirds / The Hangout
  6:30 Lisa Zanghi / Nolan's
  7:00 Smokey Otis & Mark LaBorde / Papa Rocco's

Kindly let us know if we've missed any LIVE MUSIC that should be on the LINE-UP.
Thank you.

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