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1/19/14 Sunday LIVE MUSIC LINE-UP

12:00 LeaAnne Creswell & John Joiner / Main Room
  3:00 Johnny Barbato Trio / Main Room
  7:00 Eric Erdman / Main Room

Frog Pond
 3:00 Eric Taylor, Spencer Brown Corky Hughes & Grayson Capps / Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm
  (gate open at 2:00 and you need to be on the guest list to get in the gate/see website  HERE)

Innerarity Point
  4:00 John Joiner, Melissa Joiner and Nick Branch / Hub Stacey's

Orange Beach
  5:00 Cowboy Johnson / Happy Harbor / Marina Rd.
  5:00  Jon Cowart / Island Time Daiquiris
  7:30  Logan & Jen Spicer / Papa Rocco's 
Kindly make us aware if we've missed any LIVE MUSIC that should be posted.
Thank you.
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