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12/29/13 Sunday LIVE MUSIC LINE-UP

12:00-4:00  LeaAnne Creswell / Florabama / Main Room*
 1:00-6:00 Tony T-Bone Montgomery and Mark Sherril 
                                                     Happy Harbor on the Line
 3:00 Johnny Barbato Trio / Florabama / M Room
 4:00 Fat-Bread / Florabama
 4:00 -8:00 John Joiner & Nick Branch / Innerarity Point
 5:00 Cowboy Johnson & Mel Kna/ Happy Harbor Marina Rd. / Orange Beach
 6:00 Adam Holt / The Hangout / Gulf Shores
 7:00 The Brian Hill Band  / Florabama Main Room

*12:00-4:00 Carla Milam will be painting Lea Anne Creswell at the Flora-Bama
This is for the "Musicians on the Key" series that is to be auctioned for
The Coastal Wildlife Rescue Centre spring of 2014.
Below are the first three paintings of the series