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12/22/13 Sunday LIVE MUSIC LINE-UP

11:00am - Worship on the Water / *Flora-Bama Christmas Pageant /Tent Stage
12:00 Neil Dover - Red Solo Christmas / Florabama Main Room
 1:00 Greg Brown / LuLu's / Gulf Shores
 1:00-6:00 Tony T-Bone Montgomery and Mark Sherril 
                                                     Happy Harbor on the Line
 3:00 Johnny Barbato Trio / Florabama Main Room
 4:00 -8:00 John Joiner & Nick Branch / Innerarity Point
 5:00 Greg Brown / LuLu's / Gulf Shores
 5:00 Cowboy Johnson & Mel Knapp / Happy Harbor Marina Rd. / Orange Beach
 6:00 Big Virginia Sky / Vinyl Music Hall / Pensacola
 7:00 Adam Holt / Florabama Main Room
 8:00 The Bama Boys / Papa Rocco's 

*  Held in the tent stage at the Flora-Bama, the Christmas Pageant is a family friendly event and and everyone is invited to be in the play. 

At the beginning of the service, scripts and costumes will be handed out to adults and kids alike. People are invited to join in and even expand their role in the story. Some even bring their own costumes. This will be the third year of the event in which the true meaning of Christmas is shared with Christmas scripture in a fun and casual way.

If you know of any LIVE MUSIC we haven't included, please make us aware.  
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